Fasting method for treatment of asthma sufferers – Valery Zakirov

(Clinical Profile and Features of Treatment of Patients with Bronchial Asthma and Concomitant Internal Organ Pathologies with the Use of Therapeutic Fasting (RDT))

Abstract of a Thesis of a Candidate’s Degree in Medical Sciences

The 17-page abstract gives a brief description of the study by Valery Zakirov (1990), in which the fasting method is used to treat patients with bronchial asthma in complex cases when concomitant pathologies of internal organs are present. The author compared the effectiveness of treating such patients with medication (225 people) with the effectiveness of their treatment with water fasting (120 people) and a combination of dry fasting and water fasting (30 people). Dry fasting lasted 3 days. Based on the results of patient condition assessment before and after treatment, the author drew the following conclusions: fasting is more effective than traditional medication in the treatment of bronchial asthma, dry 3-day fasting is well tolerated by patients and can reduce the overall duration of treatment when a combination of dry and wet fasting is used.



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